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Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc. (HIP) is an innovative, green nonprofit housing developer and counseling agency based in Prince George’s County, Maryland dedicated to revitalizing neighborhoods.

HIP creates housing and economic security for low- and moderate-income households and provides services that improve the quality of life in the communities we serve across Maryland.

We maintain offices in Hyattsville in Prince George’s County, and in Germantown and Gaithersburg in Montgomery County.

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Here’s what our community has to say:

I applied for Rental Assistance.  I am not very good with the computer and I ask a lot of questions so that I understand what is being said and what is expected. Lately I have been getting a little frustrated with everything being online.

Laura Hernandez took the time to explain each and every detail in our conversations and helped me with the computer… Luis Perez, what can I say when I think about the hundreds of questions, phone calls and emails I had for him. Mr. Perez answered each and every one. He helped me accomplish my goal in applying and not giving up.  Awesome Encouragement and Experience!

Everyone needs assistance more than ever with Covid 19.  Patience, Understanding and a True Passion for Service are the qualities I experienced with Mr. Perez and Mrs. Hernandez.

They heard in my voice that I needed help with this process. I didn’t ask for help, was too stubborn, but they took it upon themselves to go those extra miles. Thank you so much for all your help HIP!

Tina Burke, Suitland

Dear Sonia:

Thank you for all your help with my loan modification, directing me to all the programs that have been so helpful and saving me so much money.

Specifically, the Homeowner’s Tax Credit saved me $200 a month on my mortgage payment, thanks to you. The Energy Assistance program is paying my electric and gas utility bills during desperate times for me, thanks to you. The Energy Efficiency program replaced most of my appliances and light bulbs with energy efficient ones at no cost to me, thanks to you. The latter is truly an amazing program. They replaced my old refrigerator, dishwasher, furnace/central air, hot water heater, washer and dryer, all for free.

It’s true that I am going through very difficult times right now, but without your help, things would be a lot worse. I was truly blessed the day I walked into your office. You have treated me with kindness and understanding at a time when I really needed it, and you are a credit to your profession. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that your help has meant so much to me. I wish you all the best.

Matthew, homeowner in Germantown

Thank you, and everyone at HIP, for all of your help in getting us back on track financially over these past few years. Your energy and dedication to the community is only unmatched by the compassion, empathy and respect of dignity with which you provide service.

Homeowner in Laurel

I cannot stress enough the amount of good that it did me to work with an angel like Zulma, and to have an agency like HIP suddenly give me a voice when my own attempts to get help had virtually fallen on deaf ears.  The work that agencies like yours do truly makes a positive impact in people’s lives and are critical to saving our communities.  Getting approved for my (loan) modification was by far my biggest blessing this year and I owe it all to Zulma and HIP.  Words will never suffice to express my extreme feeling of gratitude but from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Patricia in Montgomery Village

Mr. Perez was outstanding in every respect.  He was extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared with specific questions to gather the information in the most efficient and effective manner… In addition to being knowledgeable and courteous, he actually listened carefully. His subsequent questions and advice were focused on what I thought the pertinent questions were – and more importantly led me to critical questions that I was too ignorant of the subject to know to ask.

This combination of subject expertise and communications skill is rare. All of these I found in abundance in my conversation with Mr. Perez.

Win, lose, or draw on a case by case basis, you are doing good.


I am writing to say thank you and express my tremendous appreciation for the outstanding assistance that Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc. (HIP) and my housing counselor provided in connection with my recent mortgage loan modification. Zulma was extremely professional, efficient and supportive throughout the process, and helped me achieve a favorable outcome during an extremely stressful period. I cannot imagine how difficult (and prohibitively expensive) it would have been to go through that process without her assistance. The services that Zulma and HIP provide are absolutely essential to home owners in our community. I hope these services will continue to be available permanently in the future.

J. S. in Montgomery County

I can’t express how elated I am to be in my home!!!! It has proven to be by far one of the best things that has ever happened to my family, and is truly a blessing. The kids are loving the yard and for the first time they can play to their hearts content in their own area. I tell everyone I know about HIP and the wonderful things that your organization does within the community. To be completely honest, if I wasn’t currently employed I would apply to work at HIP. I love to see people happy, I often get on my computer and look at your website to see what you all are up to. My aunt and my best friend are interested in HIP, and I encouraged them both to register for the homebuyer workshop.  So, of course I spoke extremely highly of your program. I can’t say how proud I am to have been a part of HIP.

Jada, New Homeowner in Temple Hills

Jada in Temple Hills

Dear Zulma,

Thank you for all your help and hard work throughout this process. Since the moment we spoke on the phone… you have been there for me and for my husband, helping us every step of the way and always finding the best solution for us. As first time homeowners, it was an amazing experience to work with someone like you that took the time to explain everything to us. I can say that this would not have been possible if it was not for your hard work since day one. I know that there are many others like my family that are truly grateful to you for your dedication and your excellent customer service. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you as a mentor.

Glendys in Montgomery Village