Financial Capability Coaching

Bounce Back chart_v2016Financial Capability Counseling gives families and individuals from all walks of life the information and tools needed to improve credit, increase savings and build wealth.  HIP’s long-term financial coaching program combines monthly small group sessions with regular individual personalized coaching sessions.

Small Group Sessions

Our Financial Coach facilitates sessions featuring expert guest speakers who dive into the nuts and bolts of specific financial topics.  Discussions include methods for building emergency savings, improving credit, eating healthfully on a budget, protecting against identity theft and saving more at tax-time. Sign up for a Financial Capability workshop by visiting our registration page.

Individual Coaching

The Financial Coach will analyze your finances and help you to develop a spending plan and identify clear financial goals.  At the conclusion of the first session, you will have developed a customized roadmap with well-defined steps to achieve your particular financial goal.  Sign up for individual counseling by contacting Nathaniel McDonald, Financial Capability Administrator, at or 301-699-5099.
HIP’s Financial Capability Program has proven results. In 2015, our clients demonstrated concrete increase in credit scores, reduction in debt and increased savings funds.   We are ready to help you achieve your financial goals.