Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc. (HIP) is an innovative, green nonprofit developer and counseling agency based in Prince George’s County, Maryland dedicated to revitalizing neighborhoods.

HIP creates housing and economic security for low- and moderate-income households and provides services that improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

What People are Saying

A few months ago I was in financial trouble having lost my job and having a very high mortgage.  Even if I got a new job, I knew the chances of getting one at the same salary would be unlikely.  My fear was that I would lose my home, so I went to see Carmen Castro-Conroy at HIP.

Carmen and I discussed several options open to me, and settled on trying to refinance my home through an FHA streamlined refinance.   The whole experience was very professional and I am happy to say that I was able to reduce my mortgage by more than $400 per month.  I was able to get a new job around that time, and the new mortgage payment was within my new and much tighter budget.

If it weren’t for Carmen I don’t think I would have my home at this point.  She was informative, supportive, and extremely professional.

-Michael of Montgomery County, Maryland